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Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon

Conseil scolaire catholique Nouvelon

CSC Nouvelon offers a high-quality French-language Catholic educational program that is widely recognized for its excellence. Working with staff, parents, parishes and communities, we provide an innovative learning environment and academic program that runs from early childhood to adult education for some 6,700 students enrolled in 27 elementary schools and 10 secondary schools including 1 alternative secondary school.

CSC Nouvelon schools currently hold the highest graduation rates in the Sudbury, Manitoulin and Algoma Districts, with 93% of students obtaining their high school diploma in less than 5 years and 91.3% in 4 years.

Did you know that 7 out of 10 Francophone parents in Ontario choose Catholic education for their child?

For us, French-language Catholic education means:

  • A welcoming, sustainable and safe learning environment that nurtures student success and personal excellence;
  • Quality education from kindergarten to grade 12;
  • A high level of bilingualism;
  • Access to French-language daycare as well as before-and-after school programs;
  • The highest quality French-language education offered in Ontario;
  • A commitment to guide and help all students succeed and attain their highest aspirations;
  • A variety of cultural and sports related activities to support the growth and well-being of students; and
  • Educating proud young French-Language Catholic leaders who are ready to take their place in society.

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