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Yes, Nonna lives here – but so do the grandkids: the Respect is Burning Kitchen & Bar. Combining a jaw-dropping, bordering on encyclopedic selection of fresh old school pasta dishes (no whimsy here – just generations tested and family mashed delicious Italian fare!), sharing plates and chipper service.

The Respect is Burning Kitchen & Bar is the perfect place to crack open a bottle of prosecco, a pint of craft beer, a carafe of tasty house wine or unique small vintner offerings and tuck in to some super tasty, fresh Italian dishes anchored on the flavours and style of this family’s ancestral cooking, mashed through a founder’s imagination jammed with great memories of 1970’s Sunday afternoon or late Friday night feasts and weekday power bites ‘a Casa dei Nonni’. That’s ‘Grandma and Grandpa’s House’ to the followers – and that means there’s down home love in every simple, beautiful, time frozen minute here.

And lest one confuse the chandeliers, cool ceilings, separated back room bar chamber and great food with fine dining protocol, there’s always the ancient sewing machines, gnarly walls, meat hooks, vintage family photos and Black Sabbath/Valley of the Dolls vintage dorm posters sharing space with plastic popes & neon Zig Zag signage. Oh, and a groovy soundtrack to keep you in check and chillin’. Come in sneakers Day One and high heels Day Two!

A truly tasty community mecca with a colourful back story in vintage Downtown Sudbury.

Since 2001.