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Wig Boutique is Sudbury’s only retail wig and top piece store. We are pleased to say that Sault Ste. Marie and Barrie also have Wig Boutique locations.  The Sudbury salon has more than 1000 wigs in stock, something for everyone including lots of greys. 

Opening in 2009, with joy and excitement we made it our mission to offer an environment where clients get the service they deserve. We pride ourselves on being specialists and take the time needed with each client to ensure they are comfortable with all aspects including care when they leave with their new hair. 

Important info: When a wig or top piece is purchased due to hair loss or thinning (regardless of the reason), some insurance companies cover it. It’s a MEDICAL HAIR PROSTHESIS. No insurance?  If you claim medical expenses on your income taxes, it is allowable.

Free consultations (by appointment, same day often available)
Private consult rooms upon request
Licenced stylist to trim when needed
Expert fittings and in-house alterations
1000 plus wigs in-stock
Top pieces, clip-ins and permanent installation
Shampoos, Conditioners and Styling Products
Headwear and Picc line covers for chemo patients
Eyebrow stencil kits and 8 shades of powders
Receipts for insurance purposes or income taxes
Full salon services for our clients 

Yes, wigs and top pieces are needed for hair loss or thinning, but times have changed and wigs are for everyone now! Here is a list of various reasons why wigs and top pieces are worn.

1.    Chemotherapy treatments
2.    Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder
3.    Female/Male Pattern Baldness
4.    Alopecia
5.    Temporary hair loss
6.    Fine, thin hair
7.    Reactional Hair Loss
8.    Chemical Burn
(visit our website for more info )

1.    Convenience, busy lifestyles
2.    Business Trips, Vacation
3.    Change style or color without changing your own hair
4.    Date nights, add excitement
5.    In between color, hide your roots
6.    Transgender
7.    Cross Dressing
8.    Just because!