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Dr. Reena Dhatt is a family physician with over 28 years of experience in medical practice. 

She is a full time family physician who has served as an Associate Professor of Family Medicine for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine for the last two decades. She has served on boards and committees at the OMA, Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP), Northern Ontario Academic Medical Association (NOAMA) and Physician Clinical Teachers Association (PCTA).  

Her clinical background as a generalist in medicine allows her a unique perspective into the care of a patient with skin concerns.  Her approach is holistic and encompasses the principles of prevention, treatment and maintenance as part of the continuum of skin care.  Treatments are offered based on sound scientific evidence and are tailored to the individual client helping them achieve a natural, refreshed look. 

As a Northerner herself, Dr. Dhatt is very aware of the active lifestyles that put our skin at risk and offers clients advice that is mindful of age, lifestyle and budget.

Dr. Dhatt has particular interest in using cannulas for the delivery of fillers.  This unique practice allows her to perform complicated procedures like cheek lifts or lip fills with minimal pain, swelling and bruising.  Being ever mindful of having a “natural” transformation, Dr. Dhatt often designs a staged approach to facial transformation using different techniques and products over a year or two to gradually unwind the aging process. Having performed hundreds of procedures to patients of all ages, Dr. Dhatt can help you achieve a more youthful, rejuvenated look in just one visit!