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At Village Media we believe in community. The “village” at the heart of every one of our communities is extremely important to us. Our news and information sites are designed to bring neighbourhoods together, connect citizens through a common voice and make available all the news, information and stories that the community wants and expects in one place online, in real time. Each of our communities is part of the Village network of communities that share a common belief in the importance of up-to-date, accessible and well-written local stories written by local journalists.

In each of the communities, our online sites not only provide the great local news that Village Media is known for, but a variety of other great local content including: weather, sports, obituaries, wedding and engagement announcements, and columns featuring the best of local opinion. We even have crosswords, games, comics, horoscopes, lottery results and an easy to use local calendar of events and activities around our communities. For those readers looking for information from outside the community, we also have national news, business and entertainment. Visit us to find out what is happening in our villages, by visiting one of our sites.

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