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Shawn Ouimet - City Council Candidate

Shawn understands the unique challenges and controversy that faces Ward 12 and Greater Sudbury. He has worked in various business customer service sectors in Sudbury before starting his own marketing business. He is a person that likes to research and understand issues before taking a stand on either side of the scale, to which he jokes he could start a second business from the electronics, appliances and vehicles he has researched for friends and family. 

Shawn ran for council in 2014 knowing he would not win, however wanted to and did reach every resident in Ward 12, he hopes to accomplish that goal again, speaking with understanding each concern, tree maintenance, water and waste water, Junction Creek, employment, transit routes, theft, needles and, of course, roads to be better prepared for the responsibility of being your Ward 12 councilor. Shawn was born, raised and educated in Greater Sudbury, as he and his wife of 19 years watched their first child follow their footsteps, entering Collège Boréal for her first year, and their second child is very proud, as are mom and dad as she enters Grade 3.

With his many years in the customer service sector Shawn understands that taking the position of a councillor is similar in ways the constituents will contact him looking for assistance in a municipal service, or ask for details on various projects within Greater Sudbury. It’s about working with staff and residence to continue to build our city. He would like to tell Ward 12 residences and others that he will make himself available for everyone; you pay his wages with your hard-earned dollars. “You don’t shy away from your boss at work why should I if you have a concern.”