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City of Greater Sudbury/Greater Together

Why Sudbury

If you’re considering a business investment or expansion in the City of Greater Sudbury, we are here to assist. We work with businesses throughout the decision-making process and support the attraction, development and retention of business in the community.

Sudbury Local Immigration Partnership

Sudbury’s Local Immigration Partnership (SLIP) works to ensure that Greater Sudbury is a welcoming place for all newcomers. Consisting of a 12-member board of directors, which includes designates from various community and business organizations, municipal representatives and is supported by City staff, the SLIP works with stakeholders to support the retention and proper settlement of newcomers in the community.  

The Sudbury Local Immigration Partnership is funded by the Government of Canada and is a program within the City of Greater Sudbury’s Economic Development Division.

Greater Together

Greater Sudbury is Greater Together.  The beauty of our city does not just come from nature, it also comes from the cultural diversity of our community members. Greater Together helps to tell the story of the people and the multiculturalism that makes Sudbury a welcoming and beautiful community.  We have festivals, days of celebration and clubs that celebrate the traditions, foods and activities of different ethnicities in which we all look forward to celebrating together.  Our restaurants, small businesses and festivals were created so that we can share a part of someone else’s story, passion and heritage.

Greater Together is a celebration of everyone and every culture that makes Sudbury a captivating community.  

We hope that you enjoy these stories of community members.  We encourage you to share your story or why Sudbury’s multiculturalism matters to you: [email protected]