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Boudoir by Adriana


1639 Lasalle Blvd
Sudbury, ON
P3A 1Z8

My name is Adriana Roque, and I have been creating intimate portraits for women in Sudbury Ontario since 2013. I have opened up a luxury boudoir studio in Sudbury Ontario 7 years ago; I knew there was a market for an all-women empowerment studio at the time no one else in Sudbury other than a few male photographers were doing boudoirs. I wanted to change the path of Boudoir Photography.

The most asked question is when did I fall in love with Boudoir photography? and I’d have to say it all began with my own boudoir session I couldn’t believe how nervous I was but so excited to give him his gift. Once I got in front of the camera, that’s when I realize it was more for me, I realized for the first time that I was a Bombshell, and I never saw myself in that light for many years. I have always been a get ready quick in 2.2 minutes type of girl, Boudoir has changed the way I have viewed myself forever.

Boudoir is a therapeutic process that differs from conventional therapy. Our Mission is to showcasing every beautifully perfect aspect of our clients so they can walk away with the lasting self-confidence that they deserve to have. We hope that our clients will carry that feeling with them every single day.