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Chavez Wong  possess a wealth of experience and strong values on human rights, equality, common sense, responsive and is resolute in all that she champions. She has also been member of all the three political parties with each competing partisan platforms.  She was a two time Sudbury Candidate for the provincial elections.

Mila, a Registered Nurse, a former Ontario Human Rights Officer, served as a municipal councillor, and works for individuals with developmental disabilities. She is a champion and an advocate against inequality and abuse on vulnerable individuals and seniors.

She brings genuine empathy, a Do No Harm philosophy, as well as proven interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills to the political arena. 

Mila, open minded and frank, believes strongly in the application of consensus decision making to the process of legislation in a democracy, Consensus Ontario will include Referendums and Recall legislation and will ensure better representation of the Sudbury Riding priorities.

These are the priorities:

Health, Public Health and Health Care Systems Restructuring

Long-Term Care and Mental Health Focus

Housing Prioritization

Provincial Roads and Highways

Government Finances & Debt

College & University Education

Pensions and Taxation

Ontario deserves better, START THE CHANGE to a Consensus Democracy and end Majoritarian politics. Consensus Democracy is observed by the Northwest Territories & Nunavut in Canada and is embodied in the political culture of countries like Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Guernsey, and the Dutch Poldermodel of Holland.