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Why Us?

There is a lot of choice out there and many different ways you can spend your holiday time.  We prefer that you consider your time with us not so much “spent” as “well kept”.  Here’s what we believe sets us apart.

Fresh Air and Water

The sweet smell of fresh air. Northern waters warm enough to swim in and cool enough to refresh the tired traveler. The sound of wind in the white pines. And the calm and relaxation we feel when we’re in nature. Sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? Just add a sea kayak and we’re talking perfection.

Personal Attention

Our trips are limited to small groups of six to eight travelers with at least two guides. So whether you have a question about a stroke or want to share a story about the great day you’ve just had, we’ll give you the personal time and attention you deserve.

Learning and Discovery

All of our instruction is designed with your learning style in mind. And the discovery continues on trip where we’ll be delighted to show you how to properly maintain equipment, navigate and read maps, and pack, cook and manage food. Or perhaps who’d like to do your first watercolour painting?

Adventure and Exploration

We travel on some big waters, so you can expect lots of fun and adventure. But we like to explore, not rush. For us the destination is the journey, whether that’s weaving between islands, pausing to view an ancient pictograph or high-fiving after your first kayak roll.

Fellowship and Solo Time

Outdoors people are some of the best folks we know. So bringing you together in a group always results in great teamwork and fellowship, led by experts who know how to foster that. But chances are you also want a little time of your own. So feel free to head off for a dip or book a solo tent. Just know we’re here when you’re ready to join us again.

Great Food

Our food is delicious if we do say so ourselves. We know how to satisfy hardy appetites while offering the variety, uniqueness and freshness that turn a meal into an experience. We’ve even been known to have a few wine tastings. And if you let us know in advance, we’ll be sure to allow for any allergies or preferences.

Value and Choice

We are a family-run business without the overheads of larger operators. So we’re able to deliver great adventures and instruction at an affordable price. And because we’re in charge, we can also ensure that the choices we offer are flexible and based on your changing needs and interests.

Safe Passage

Your safety is non-negotiable. All of our programs are led by certified experts and include quality equipment. All trips begin with an orientation and pre-trip prep, and beginner programs require pre-trip safety and skill instruction. Our small group philosophy means less risk on open water without compromising your independence.

Natural Connections
In our busy technocentric lives the world is becoming a smaller and smaller place and we may find it harder and harder to appreciate the interconnections we share with all life on earth. Horizons trips and programs help to re-establish our awareness with those connections and get back in touch with a our "natural" selves.

Where We Paddle

We are located just outside Sudbury Ontario, Canada, about 5 hours north of Toronto and 6 hours west of Ottawa, Ontario.  We paddle the best parts of the Great Lakes Heritage Coast, including Pukaskwa National Park, Lake Superior Provincial Park and most of Lake Huron’s North Channel. Our base is located on Sleepy Hollow Road, just west of Sudbury, with ideal access to the North Channel, the Bay of Islands and the west end of Killarney Provincial Park.

Horizons and the Great Lakes Heritage Coast

We paddle much of the ‘Great Lakes Heritage Coastline’ and we’ve been doing it as long or longer than anyone else in the business. Take a look at our Maps and Routes page for more details on our paddling routes.


The Great Lakes Heritage Coast

“The Great Lakes Heritage Coast includes all of the Ontario coastline of Lake Superior, the north shore of the St. Mary’s River, and the coast of Lake Huron to the eastern coast of Georgian Bay. The coastline sweeps along 2,900 kilometers of spectacular landscapes and shoreline. Major communities along the coast include Thunder Bay, Red Rock, Nipigon, Marathon, Wawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Killarney, Parry Sound and Port Severn.

The Great Lakes Heritage Coast area covers 1.1 million hectares of coastline and inland areas.
It extends: Two kilometers inland from the shoreline of Georgian Bay, the North Channel, and Lake Superior from Port Severn to Wawa, five kilometers inland from Wawa to Marathon, five kilometers or to Highway 17 from Marathon to the U.S. Border.

The heritage coast has historic significance for Ontario. Ojibwa, Cree and Huron communities were established in the area by the 1600s. Etienne Brule, in 1610, was the first European to visit the coast. The heritage coast was a major route for opening up the central part of Canada.”

Taken from the MNR News Abstract: January 2000 The Great Lakes Heritage Coast Project. The Ontario Government has launched a major project to establish the Great Lakes Heritage Coast. Establishing the heritage coast is a centerpiece of the government’s Ontario’s Living Legacy strategy.