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Cortina Pizza


829 Lorne St.
Sudbury, ON
Cuisine: Italian, Pizza, Sandwiches & Soup
Specialities: Authentic Italian, Fast Lunch
✔ Takeout
✔ Delivery
✔ Delivery with Debit
✔ Accessible

In 1947, Tony Masotti, the founder of Cortina Pizza, moved to Canada from Italy with only a quarter in his pocket. He worked in the mining industry for a period of time before he and his wife decided to open ‘Cortina Pizza’ named after the town in Italy where he was born.”

The rest is history. In 1964, the first Cortina Pizza location was opened and it was the first take-out and delivery restaurant in the City of Sudbury. It was only a small house situated on Brady Street where Tom Davies Square stands today.

By 1989, there were 22 Cortina Pizza restaurants throughout Northern Ontario and it had become a very successful food establishment. The reason for its success was simple and still holds true today – “Quality Food at Reasonable Prices.”