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In 1981, Pizza Joint opened its doors to the public with one goal in mind: to serve fresh, quality, home-made pizzas, using the traditional paddle and oven technique. Over 30 years later, we are proudly continuing this tradition. We make our own dough, in-house daily, using quality ingredients, we use only the freshest toppings, and we follow the same secret recipes for our sauces.

The team at Pizza Joint is committed to serving food that tastes delicious and is cooked to perfection. All of our pizzas are loaded with ingredients, because we don’t believe in skimping on the good stuff. Our other menu items, like our spaghetti, wings and subs, are prepared with the utmost attention to detail, in order to confidently provide tasty and well-portioned food for your hard earned dollar.

Though we still offer the original recipes, Pizza Joint continues to expand its menu and add new items that will interest their customers. Don't know what to order? Ask us for our suggestions!

So what are you waiting for? Call Pizza Joint today and taste the quality for yourself!