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Taco Sol


80 Cedar At.
Sudbury, ON
Cuisine: Fast Food, Mexican
Specialities: Fast Lunch, Vegetarian
✔ Takeout
✔ Licensed

It takes more than a tortilla, avocado and salsa to make a Mexican meal. We at Taco Sol are here to share the authenticity of an everyday Mexican meal, because the food lovers of the North deserve it.

All of our dishes and salsas are made in house and from scratch from authentic mexican recipies, and with the special spices, peppers and vegetables that create the wonderful traditional flavours of Mexico.

You don’t have to fly miles to have an unforgettable Mexican experience! Whether you need lunch quick on the go, or to enjoy dinner with friends and family, delight yourself on the amazing flavors of Mexico at 80 Cedar Street, Downtown Sudbury.