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The Zaher family tradition of making incredible, natural, authentic Palestinian Hummus on a culinary level dates back to the 1920's in my GREAT ​grandfather's restaurant inHaifa, named "Abu Yousef".  This tradition has been perfectly passed down to my grandfather, who trained my father, who trained me... since I was 4.

Zaher's Small Batch has incidentally been inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine and specializes in Mediterranean Fusion.  In our Hummus, you will find only the best ingredients and delightful ARTISAN ​craft with NEW WORLD flavour combinations.

Our dedication to our community drove passion to make locally crafted nutrition not only more accessible, but the creation of a VEGAN option that's palatable to ALL as well as being gluten-free, nut-free and containing ZERO preservatives.  We further nourish our community through partnerships with local charities, schools and sports teams by means of our unique FUNDRAISING model and nutrition programs.

Zaher's Hummus has been seeing a rapid growing fan base of people who not only crave it, but some who DEPEND on this NEXT LEVEL product in their refrigerators as a SAFE and EXCITING dietary staple in their every day lives.