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On a high note.

Prohibition is over, but we’re just getting started!

The world of cannabis is evolving and we’re here to lead the way… HighLife was created with a simple vision - to promote health, wellness  and happiness in every community we are privileged to be a part of.

The vision that started it all.

While Toronto is where you can trace our beginnings, our soul can be felt Canada wide.

We started HighLife with the simple vision of being the role model of how a brand should operate in the retail cannabis market and the communities it serves. We combined our team’s expertise in retail, hospitality and education to create a customer experience that’s enjoyable, informative and simple.

What we’re up to.

Ontario cannabis retail is here and HighLife’s ready to pave the way.

With the largest Canadian market for the consumption of cannabis, Ontarians have been patiently (and impatiently) waiting for the arrival of legal retail cannabis to the province. It’s finally here, and HighLife’s at the forefront. We’re excited to be one of the few brands to have the privilege of delivering Ontarians with their first retail cannabis experience-and we won’t disappoint!

Where we’re going.

We’ve accomplished a lot, but we’re just getting started!

HighLife’s continuously evolving with the fast pace of the cannabis industry. We continue to stay true to our commitment to provide the highest quality experience and we’re excited by how quickly our community is growing. We’ve been working around the clock building stores with plans to expand nationwide. Stay up to date on our latest  locations with our store locator.

Our People