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Camp Manitou


N River Rd
Sudbury, ON
Camp Type: General
Camp Schedule: Overnight
Adventure Camp Activities: Camping, Canoeing & Kayaking, Swimming
Arts Camp Activities: Music, Painting & Drawing
Weekly Budget: $300 to $399

Picture a beach waterfront, camper cabins and main lodge set in a mixed pine forest, a backdrop of white quartzite hills, islands dotting the bay of shimmering clear water.

This is Camp Manitou, a non-profit, volunteer-run summer residential camp in the Bay of Islands, 12 kilometres west of Whitefish Falls, Ontario.

A typical day of program at Manitou

7:30 am — wake-up
8:00 am — breakfast
8:45 am — chores (campers do their own dishes as well as other camp chores)
9:30 am — morning program (hike, games, canoeing for example)
11:45 am — swim
12:30 pm — lunch
1:15 pm — cabin quiet time (younger camps)
2:00 pm — afternoon program
4:15 pm — swim
5:00 pm — supper
6:30 pm — games
7:30 pm — campfire/snack
9:00 pm — in cabin