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Carrefour Francophone de Sudbury (Summer Camp)

Come play and learn with the best!


When you register your child aged 4 to 12 in a Carrefour francophone summer camp, you’re giving the best gift of all: an enriching, unforgettable cultural experience led by professional artists… In French!

Registration fee includes:


  • Before and after hours child care : 7:30 to 9 AM and 4 to 5:30 PM.
  • The price includes a hot and varied lunch and two healthy snacks each day;
  • Free shuttle service from St-Charles and Noëlville, with the support of the MSDSB.


Our Mini-Camps


Our Mini-Camps are offered all summer at four different locations! The Carrefour francophone’s Mini-Camps are specifically designed for children aged 4 and 5 years old. Each week, your child can have fun while exploring certain basic concepts. The Mini-Camps are built on exploration, discovery, learning through play and your child’s innate curiosity.


Theatre Camp

The possibilities are numerous: object theatre, body play, songs, puppets, shadow theatre, character creation, masked game, and more!


Modern Dance Camp

Move and groove! Kids are naturally full of movement and dance is a wonderful way to channel their energy and imagination.


Multi-sports camp

It’s specially designed to provide kids with a rich experience of many different sports in one week!

Folklore Camp

The life of the party is André Thériault. He loves the old- time French-Canadian traditions and knows how to make them come alive for children.

Health and leadership Camp

Practising healthy living is actually a great way to have lots of fun! This camp promises a wide variety of activities through which kids can develop self-confidence and self- esteem.

Visual Arts Camp

Imagine, draw, write, colour, cut, fold and glue to create a book. Every page is a symphony of images and ideas!

Magic Camp

Magic is a world of fantasy and mystery and exploring magic is a unique experience that is very rewarding on a personal level.

Ecoscience Camp

This camp will let kids witness up close the beauty and complexity of the natural world that surrounds us, with its ecosystems, plants and animals.

Cooking Camp

Under the direction of a real chef, kids will learn to follow recipes and cook on the barbecue and even on an open fire.

Comic Book Camp

In this new camp, children will create a comic book. The story will unfold before their eyes!

Graffiti Art Camp

Graffiti is fun! When urban art is seen as an artistic approach, anything is possible!

Scout Camp

Kids will learn a number of self-reliance and survival

skills. Get a sense of adventure!

Hardware Camp

Ariane DesLions offers a camp of invention, body percussion and instrument creation that will make you dance, sing and reflect on the world around you.

Geocache Camp

What could be more exciting than geocaching, treasure hunts, and adventures involving problem-solving and secret codes?

Register your child today for summer camps en français!

705-675-6493, extension 201