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Report highlights a to-do list of not-dones

Despite the Liberal government’s continued claims of how important it considers the Ring of Fire deposit in swampy northwestern Ontario, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce report released Feb. 20 tells a much different story.

Chamber forum provides food for thought

That the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce public forum on the structure of municipal council drew about a 100 people to the Steelworkers Hall during a January freeze in Northern Ontario indicates there is a certain hunger out there for change, or at the v

Downtown - Where the lights could be much brighter

Downtowns across North America have changed radically since Petula Clark’s 1964 classic “Downtown” told us it was the place to go to “forget all your troubles, forget all your cares.

An inquiry by any other name?

That those closest to the story are applauding it, suggests Ontario is serious about its decision to conduct a ministerial review of mining practices in the province.

Platitudes, promises and the Ring of Fire

Since 2007, we have been told to be excited about the jobs and prosperity promised by the Ring of Fire. First Dalton McGuinty’s and then Kathleen Wynne’s government have said it has the potential to transform the North.

Voters deserve recourse for bad leadership

Toronto has, at least for the moment, the most famous mayor in the world. But it isn’t the kind of fame Rob Ford — or the city — would like to have.

Should we be concerned?

Murder makes people concerned. When there seems to be no rhyme or reason for a person’s untimely death, murder makes people fearful. Our hearts go out to the family and friends of Sheri-Lynn McEwan, who died tragically and too soon Oct. 7.

Northern Life celebrates its 40th year in business

This week, we mark 40 years of publishing newspapers and magazines in Sudbury. We are older and marginally wiser than we were when we started.

Does Canada have a rail safety problem?

A train derails and sends five cars — and a bridge — splashing into the Wanapitei River. Another catches fire, rolls into a small Quebec town and explodes, taking much of the community’s downtown core with it.

The public simply wants answers

Sudbury taxpayers are short some $500,000 and they want to know — in fact, have every right to know — why.