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End of the rainbow for Elm crosswalk

There is only one, viable option for the Elm Street crosswalk between the downtown bus depot and the Rainbow Centre mall: get rid of it. Northern Life was surprised at the public outcry to the story we ran two weeks ago on the pedestrian crossing .

‘The best man we ever saw’

When I was in Grade 2, I brought a Stompin’ Tom Connors album to school for show and tell.

Tip line hits a road block

The North East Dementia Network really was trying to help when it teamed up with law enforcement to create a tip line specifically to report senior drivers.

Sudbury has lost a powerful ally - editorial

Whatever anyone might think about Rick Bartolucci and his politics, Sudbury reaped the rewards of having him in Queen’s Park. As the city’s man in Toronto, he had almost unparalleled success at driving home an agenda that greatly benefited Sudbury.

Hospital’s tough stance on flu shots is justified - editorial

Health Sciences North’s decision to force hospital workers to be vaccinated against influenza is the right move.

Lougheed Sr. quietly lived to serve

Greater Sudbury is a little less great today than it was before the evening of Dec. 16. This city has lost one of its best citizens.

Tonight’s meeting will be one for the books

By all accounts, tonight’s meeting of Greater Sudbury city council will be standing room only.

Marin or otherwise: Time to start recording closed meetings

With two weeks to go before Ontario Ombudsman André Marin makes his fence-mending Dec. 11 visit, Greater Sudbury city councillors are debating whether to part ways with the brash municipal watchdog.

Get back to business of governing

If the city is going to be able to take full advantage of the current healthy economic times it finds itself in, Greater Sudbury’s elected officials are going to have to set aside their personal differences and get down to the business of governing.

Clash of personalities overshadows ombudsman’s findings - Editorial

There was far too much sabre-rattling and trench-digging on both sides of the table when Ontario Ombudsman André Marin sent three investigators to look into the legality of four closed door meetings of Greater Sudbury city council.