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Public Health Sudbury raises COVID-19 risk index to high

Health unit is recommending people take personal protective measures, wear a mask and practise physical distancing
140922_LG_COVID risk rating high PHOTO
Public Health Sudbury and Districts. (Len Gillis/

Public Health Sudbury and Districts (PHSD) has changed the  COVID-19 risk index rating for the local jurisdiction to high.

In the past few weeks, the rating was listed as moderate. With the change to "high," PHSD advises the public to take extra precautions.

The notice of the change was on the PHSD Facebook social media page and also on the PHSD webpage outlining details of the risk index.

"Public Health recommends taking extra precautions related to limiting social gatherings, indoor masking and physical distancing, monitoring for symptoms and avoiding high-risk settings. Visit our Risk Index for more details. These precautions are in addition to staying up to date with vaccinations and practising personal protective measures," said a statement attached to the social media notice.

"The COVID-19 Risk Index helps residents assess the real-time risk of COVID-19 transmission locally and make informed decisions on how to protect themselves," the notice continued.

The local risk index has four settings: Low, Moderate, High and Very High.  

The health unit webpage said several factors are used to gauge risk. 

"COVID-19 transmission in the community is at or above 50 per cent of the peak level in the Winter 2021 to 2022 wave. Hospital use due to COVID-19 is at or above 50 per cent of the peak level of Winter 2021 to 2022 wave," said the health unit.



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