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Let’s Eat! Get ‘za made by robot in just 3 minutes flat

Amit Parmar’s Pizza Forno vending machines have spread to five location in Greater Sudbury

It appears that the outdoor pizza machines from Pizza Forno throughout Sudbury are generating a huge buzz post-pandemic.

These computerized ovens, refrigerators and ordering units located in five spots in the city produce pizza in three minutes flat.

The pizzas heat up in the oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit, with fans blowing to generate even more heat. Minutes later, you are walking away with the box of your choice.

Amit Parmar of Sudbury is the master licensee for five locations in Sudbury and one in North Bay.

Originally from India, Parmar has been in Sudbury for 10 years and owns the Kwik-Way corner store in Minnow Lake where a Pizza Forno machine is located.

His other locations are in Hanmer and Val Caron at his corner stores, as well as locations on Elgin Street and Ignatius Street in the downtown core.

The North Bay machine is located at the hospital as a corporate location and there are about 15 locations in Southern Ontario.

“It has been a very successful journey despite the pandemic in the last three years as we approach our three-year anniverary next month,” Parmar said. “The increases were day over day, month over month, and year over year.”

“Other than the PIN pad to pay, there are really no touch points that customers need to worry about. It really has been going in a positive direction,” Parmar said.

These high-tech machines have web-based applications connected to Parmar’s cellphone to tell him when he is low in inventory.

Pamar said the honey and goat cheese pizza is scooped up the fastest. It’s also his favourite because of the quality of the unique blend of honey and goat cheese.

The other fan favourites are the meat lover and the pepperoni pizza.  

With seven pizzas in total, the other boxed pizza options are Hawaiian, BBQ chicken, four cheese and vegetarian.

There are often seasonal pizzas added to the mix like a Summer Cheeseburger Pizza or the Festive Pizza with cranberry jelly.

Parmar said they are currently working on a gluten-free crust option.  

Pizza Forno is the Italian translation of ‘pizza oven’ and Parmar said there are many reasons to choose pizza from his oven.

“The pizza is made fresh at my Hanmer store. The machines are loaded three times per week to guarantee freshness in the refrigeration units. I use high-quality meat, cheese and vegetables and ordering is fun and an event in itself,” he said.  

Pizza Forno can be found at five locations in the City of Greater Sudbury: Minnow Lake at 1465 Bancroft Dr, Val Caron, Hanmer, and Downtown at Ignatius and Elgin streets.

Anastasia Rioux is a writer in Greater Sudbury. Let’s Eat! is made possible by our Community Leaders Program.


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