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Let’s eat! Ranvee’s Eatery is the revised Taco Sol plus, plus

Owner Sandeep Sangar named his downtown restaurant after his five-year-old son

Taco Sol on Cedar Street in the downtown core was a quaint and colourful lunch spot for Mexican cuisine for seven years. It’s since been reimagined with a new name, Ranvee’s Eatery.

Ranvee is the name of Sandeep Sangar’s five-year-old son.

He took over the restaurant in January of 2022 with the new name being unveiled a few months later. 

Sangar is no stranger to the food business. When his family first emigrated to Canada in 2021 from Punjab, India, he worked as a restaurant manager in Newfoundland.

Ranvee’s new menu offers the same Mexican recipes as Taco Sol’s burritos and tacos, but there is a blend of Canadian and Italian options, too.

“Lots of Taco Sol customers come in for those menu items, but there are a lot of new customers coming for my rice bowls, burgers and poutines, too,” Sangar said. “Even the old owner comes in from time to time with his family to reminisce.”

The original Special Sol Nachos are still on the menu. They are still layered with Mexican rice, refried beans, salsa de gallo and cheese. There are also different varieties of nachos on the menu like the chicken chipotle nachos, beef or chicken nachos as well as a vegetarian option. 

The rice bowls are new and very popular. There is a Thai crispy chicken bowl, a Mexican chicken fajita bowl, a teriyaki chicken bowl, butter chicken and a vegetarian version.

“Everything is homemade. It’s all very authentic food — even the poutine, the burgers, the chicken taquitos, the wings and so on,” Sangar said.

The Canadian burger with its salted maple BBQ sauce and fixings as well as the BBQ Cheddar and Bacon burger that is char-grilled also bring in a loyal fan base.

Sangar said 50 per cent of the sales can be attributed to deliveries even now, but he is hoping to get more people inside the restaurant over the warm months.

Sangar is excited to bring on patio season by May. He said the patio allows for about 40 additional seats from May to October.

He offers customers a licensed facility with pina coladas, Typhoon punch and beer on tap for the summer season.

Given Ranvee’s is named after a little person named Ranvee, there is also an eight-option kids menu that features all items for only $8.99.

Sangar said his Little Ranvee likes the grilled cheese sandwich and the chicken nuggets best. 

There are also kid-sized chicken taquitos and pastas up for grabs on the kids menu.

Ranvee’s Eatery is located at 80 Cedar Street in the downtown core.  

The restaurant can be found on Facebook and Instagram as well as the website,

Ranvee’s is available on Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats and DoorDash

Anastasia Rioux is a writer in Greater Sudbury. Let’s eat! is made possible by our Community Leaders Program.