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Let’s Eat: Where to go if you’re longing for a margarita and a vacation? Rosy’s Corner

Rosy Rio says so many people tell her about their Mexican travels, and how they long for the food

Many Sudburians have wintered in Mexico over the years, indulging in authentic Mexican cuisine and seaside margaritas.

When they return home and long for the taste of deep-fried chimichangas and corn tortilla enchiladas, they head to Rosy’s Corner, downtown at the corner of Durham and Larch streets.

Rosy’s first opened its doors in 2016. Before that, Rosy Rio and her husband Ambrocio spent years selling Mexican food at the Downtown Farmer’s Market, located in what is now the Laurentian University School of Architecture building.

“So many people would talk to me about their travels to Cozumel, Cancun or Acapulco and long for the food,” Rosy said.    

Rosy saw a market to be pursued. Her sister also owns La Casa Mexicana. She was the reason Rosy first visited Sudbury in 1994.  

While the name Rosy’s Corner comes from her name, it is also the name of her late mother’s Mexican and seafood diner in Acapulco, where many tourists flocked. That is where Rosy learned to cook with her mother Angela taking the lead.   

“Back home, the food is more spicy,” she says. “We also use more beans, sour cream and onions as a base for dishes.”

Rosy describes her food as Canadian-style Mexican. She says a lot of food is eaten with hands in Mexico, whereas people here prefer their cutlery.  

She also uses chicken and lettuce in her dishes. Back home, the spice is put in the dishes, and here she recognizes that not everyone likes spice. The green and red salsas, the sour cream and the guacamole are all offered on the side.  

Customer favourites are the chimichanga and empanadas, which are stuffed turnovers and tortilla soup with its corn tortilla chips submerged in a tasty broth. She says customers want their food fresh, authentic and homemade.  

She says there is a trusting relationship with her clientele and they are really willing to be adventurous.  

“This week we made cinnamon churros,” she says. “We also made a flan cake with an egg and milk base that was drizzled in caramel sauce. Everyone is willing to try it. They trust us and they love it.”

Her favourite dish is sopos.  Similar to mini pizzas, these small tortillas have a thick border on the edge. They feature refried beans, with shredded lettuce, salsa, tomatoes, with a number of meat options.    

Rosy says that half of her grocery list can be completed in Sudbury, but it still requires orders from Toronto. Items like green tomatoes, chile stuffed poblano peppers, certain flours and enchiladas are just not available in the north.

For now, she says it is hard to predict tomorrow in such uncertain times. She tells her brothers in Mexico all about her restaurant and hopes one day her children will help grow what she and her mother started. 

Visit the Rosy’s Corner website here. It features the menu and the hours.  Rosy’s Corner is also on Facebook.  

Anastasia Rioux is a freelance writer and good food lover in Greater Sudbury. Let’s Eat is made possible by our Community Leaders Program.