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Close call prompts plea to clear off your car before driving

Man's windshield shattered by flying ice from another vehicle

It's Feb. 9, and I am beside myself at this weather, and I'm sure a lot of you are, too.

The amount of ice build up we've had in the last couple of days is quite ridiculous and with the road conditions being the way they are, you would think it would be common sense to everyone how important it is to remove the ice build up, and not rush into getting on the roads and to your destination without doing so. 

Well, apparently not. 

Today, my father was driving on the highway from Chelmsford to Azilda and drove past a black SUV heading towards Chelmsford. The driver didn't bother to remove the ice from his vehicle. The ice fell loose and came flying full speed at my dad's face, shattering his windshield in the process. 

The vehicle had noticed that something happened and pulled over, and then took off fast without bothering to get out of the car. The shatter was so loud, a lady from her house came rushing out to see if my dad was alright. With glass all over his face, he was very grateful she approached him because he doesn't have a cellphone and no way to contact anyone. 

He called the police and they responded with, "Well, do you think there's $2,000 worth of damage to the vehicle?" and then continued to tell my father that there is nothing they could do about it. Did they come to see if he was alright? No. They didn't care in the slightest. I don't understand. 

We need to let people know how much of a close call this was, and how dangerous it is to not take the time to make sure you're not endangering the life of others with your carelessness. 

My dad's windshield is loose, and the ice almost went through. I'm so glad he's OK, but this was such a close call. 

Julie Rainville