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Getting a job easier said than done - Natalie Brassard

I have never wrote a letter to the editor before, but I felt the need to do so this time.

I have never wrote a letter to the editor before, but I felt the need to do so this time. With regards to Sara Anderson putting her life in danger to get the attention of the government to increase social assistance rates, I have many things to say to those that don't agree with the situation these people have to deal with.

I am a hard-working single mother who has had to turn to social assistance in the past and I agree that an increase is necessary. For example, someone wrote that people on assistance should just get a job. Well, that's easier said then done.

I'll give you an example of what it's like for someone on assistance trying to get a job with very little money to prepare themselves for the occasion. Let's pretend I am on assistance. I go to meet with a employer to discuss an employment opportunity. I have all the required skills and somewhat of a nice smile, since I can afford toothpaste (only 79 cents), but have tooth decay cause I can't afford to see a dentist. My hair is very long and oily since I can't afford to get a regular haircut, but I have it up in a nice barrette I bought at the dollar store. My clothing is outdated, faded and needs ironing badly, but it was just given to me by a charity. I smell great, though, because I went to Sears and got a perfume sample.

Based on appearances alone, do you honestly think an employer would hire me even if I have all the qualifications for the job over a more "presentable" candidate? I think not.

Those of you who do not agree with the need to increase social assistance rates need to give people a break before knocking them for not having a job.

Natalie Brassard