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'Ignorant' and 'callous' government hurting our province

Tree planting, public health funding … future generations deserve better
Doug Ford

Recently, on the CBC Ideas program, host Paul Kennedy pointed out how Sudbury in an example of regreening recognized around the world. 

The long, many years of carrying bags of soil and planting trees bore fruit, and now Sudbury is not a devastated area anymore.

The most effective way to reclaim the land was the planting of trees. Our head-in-the-sand Conservative government is cancelling the planting of 50,000,000 trees to save $5 million, a very small drop in the bucket when looking at the total Ontario budget.

What is wrong with these people? Do they not see the effects of global warming? How can a government be so ignorant and callous, fighting the carbon tax and not planting these trees?

Doug Ford and Vic Fidelli are two members of parliament who know nothing of the world around them. They want to hurt our education, our health system, our social net by reducing the health unit funding and now the environment.
What else can we expect from a Conservative government descendant of Mike Harris?

Patience people, we can get rid of them for many years at the next election, maybe forever, I hope. 

My children and grandchildren deserve better .

Paul Sauvé