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Letter: A bit of confusion over city water meter program

Many Sudburians have likely received a letter urging them to schedule work on their water meter, but in-home visits have actually been suspended since the region went back into the Grey Zone under the province’s pandemic response framework

Recent letters from the City of Greater Sudbury are urging Ward 10 residents to sign up for a water meter upgrade program. The upgrade requires an in-home visit by an installer.

This program is not mandatory at this time. Last week, I called the company that is doing the installing and asked that any appointment be postponed until the COVID-19 cloud has dissipated. They were happy to oblige and told me others had called as well and were able to postpone. The number is 1-833-543-8807.

The upgrade work typically requires 30-90 minutes to complete. If the meter upgrade was an emergency situation, I would not have called, but this is just regular maintenance. 

The pamphlet from the city and the company doing the installing, KTI Limited, states this is “a two-year project” and adds that “the typical life of a water meter is 15 to 20 years. Like most mechanical devices, they eventually need to be replaced."

As well, now that Sudbury is in the Grey Zone, the mayor’s office has emailed me to say "a decision was made to suspend all in-home visits related to the meter upgrade program effective at the close of business yesterday (March 11).”

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into many things and this includes the meter upgrade. Hopefully, the city and the contractor will continue to allow residents to wait until COVID cases are down and vaccinations are up.

Tom Colton