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Letter: A lovely walk along the Ramsey Lake boardwalk

‘We truly are blessed’
240122_chris-blomme bell park skating path crop reader Chris Blomme snapped this image of a couple on the Ramsey Lake skating path. welcomes submissions of local photography for publication with our weather forecast. Send yours to [email protected].

Not that long ago I gave a shout out to the people doing an awesome job on the Ramsey Lake boardwalk. They continue doing great work.

I also commented on how our crown jewel is such a grand place to encourage people to visit as to promote healthy activities. Be it walking or skating or just to enjoy peace and tranquility, it’s all there.

The skating path has also been a welcomed venue to enjoy Mother Nature’s delights.

Thank you to the figure skater last week who, having set up a sound system on a tripod, went about doing an impressive display of twirls. What an awesome background. Thanks to the McEwen School of Architecture students who set up the ice hut displays along the path and Science North for the information on our planetary system. 

Kudos, too, to the person who cleared out a heart-shaped area in the snow with a proposal for P.J. to join them at the alter. Hope your proposal garnered a yes.

This gem puts a smile on my face every time I walk it, as do the chickadees and chipmunks which call this area home. We truly are blessed.

Jean-Yves Bujold

Greater Sudbury