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Letter: Children need to learn the basics of arithmetic

Math and reading comprehension are essential life skills

Modern math has finally proven that a little of the old arithmetic is still absolutely necessary today. 

In order to do mathematics, it is necessary to know arithmetic and have good reading skills; reading to understand the problem and arithmetic to do the calculations. 

It is still extremely important to learn the Times Table, how to add, subtract, divide and multiply quickly and easily with modern math. Too quickly discarded was the importance of these skills because a person had to learn them from memory.

Most cashiers have trouble making change today without the cash register giving them the answer.

Three cheers to the teachers who teach their children the basic arithmetic skill in spite of being told that learning by rote is of no value. Proof is in the results we get today. Make sure children have good reading skills and arithmetic and they will be set for life and able to pass these standard tests.

Paul Sauvé