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Letter: City continues to carry on Peter Schneider's legacy

Bell Park Sunday Concert Series enjoyed by all, says Schneider's widow
Peter Schneider. (Supplied)

Peter Schneider believed in encouraging the talents of the city’s musicians, and 22 years ago, started the Bell Park Sunday Concert Series, as it was known then.

Since his death in 2014, Greater Sudbury’s Leisure Department outdid themselves, and again this year, in continuing his legacy in our beautiful Bell Park. All styles of music are encouraged, single performers, groups of musicians, choirs, even dancers. 

Who is Peter Schneider? He was somewhat different amongst performers in that he had no apparent ego. He promoted others. From the age of six, when he learned to play the violin, Peter became obsessed with music, as it provided him with an immense joy. He wanted to share this joy. 

During his lifetime, he played well a number of instruments. 

As a teacher, and later, as a music consultant for the Rainbow Board, he transferred his skill and knowledge to hundreds of students during his 33 years of teaching careers.

Being an entertainer and most often, the leader of the many groups in which he participated, he would be the music arranger, the producer and the promoter. He made it happen, whether it was playing for a wedding, a reception, a funeral, a party, an anniversary, a dance, at a Bell Park Concert, or for the Queen (1953). It was always a success and a memorable event. 

He is recognized as Sudbury’s “Mr. Music.” He made so many people happy with music.   

The city continues his legacy in our park, in volume, every summer, and this year again. The audience, the performers, all had a lot of fun.   Performers left with a sense of accomplishment. But that is thanks to the hard work of our Leisure Services department, working diligently behind the scenes for months prior to the first concert and after. 

Thank you to all of you, our generous sponsors (Sudbury Arts Council, The Harry Melnychuk Memorial Trust Fund, John Lindsay Family Fund), our workers, our musicians, the audience, in encouraging our musicians, thus ensuring the success of this series in Peter’s honour.

Lucette Carrère-Schneider
A concert groupie and Peter’s widow