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Letter: City invokes privacy only when it suits its needs

It's not One City, One Service, says Whitefish resident Thomas Price

Although the City of Greater Sudbury has a policy of One City, One Service, nothing could be farther from the fact.

During presentation of the Fire Optimization Plan, two councillors and two private citizens, none of which are employees of the city, were not only accused of workplace harassment, but city council and city staff found it appropriate to illegally investigate these four individuals and proceeded to do so in a very public manner.

In this case, forget privacy and confidentiality, they were just words to be used when found to be useful.

The very process was done with almost total disregard for confidentiality and privacy of those accused apparently to protect the confidentiality and privacy of those doing the accusing and the alleged victim.  

In fact, the alleged victim was part of the process carrying out the investigation. Findings of the investigations of the four individuals were also shared publicly and there were no monetary or culpable issues found.  

The only consequence was the smearing of the names of four non-employees of the city.

Compare now the situation in the mayor’s office where there were obvious monetary and culpable issues in fact and the cloak of confidentiality and privacy gets invoked.

One City, Multiple Services to suit the needs of those in high places who might be embarrassed and citizens can fight for their own rights against the city.

Thomas Price