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Letter: Comments about nuclear power ignorant and spread fear

People should focus on the politicians who make bad decisions
2020-Pickering Nuclear Plant - GL
The Pickering Nuclear Plant. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Steve White.

I wish people who are intent on expressing their opinions would do so in an informed manner. 

Richard Denton’s letter in the Northern Life is a prime example. He tries to relate the Pickering nuclear station to nuclear weapons. CANDU reactors are not nuclear bombs, and his article should have focused on “human error.”

He talked about Doug Ford spending $230 million dismantling and cancelling renewable energy projects. That’s a waste of money, and I’m sure the cost will be higher than that when it’s all done. Government spending for political gain is rampant and should concern everyone. 

Dr. Denton’s crusade against nuclear weapons is admirable, but fear mongering with misinformation is unacceptable. He should worry more about Ontario health care and its erosion. Hallway medicine is here, has been here for years, and there doesn’t seem to be much happening to solve the problem. 

I understand the concern about nuclear weapons that exist, but politicians who control them are a bigger concern of mine. 

Want to make the country a better place? Then let’s curb political waste. Today’s solutions for all our problems is “more money.” Better spending is the solution. I’m sure everyone out there can give examples of bad political actions. Politicians need to be held accountable for their decisions and actions. Why do we tolerate incompetence?

Phoenix payroll system - still happening.
Dismantling renewable energy projects – happening.
Fixing our educational system - not happening.
Building legacy projects – happening.

And the list goes on. 

Ray Carr