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Letter: Corporations should not be above the law

These laws protect people and planet and must apply to all
Court gavel

It is not just the Liberals who put laws aside for corporations. There has been a long history going back decades. 

It is vital that we see beyond this latest example and focus on what can be done to stop this practice.

Rather than pillory the Liberals, parliament should work together to end this shameful practice. Corporations must follow Canadian law, and when they break it, they must suffer the consequences.

For the past few decades, Canadian governments have also scrapped laws or ignored them to protect corporate profits. These laws that protect people and the planet must apply to all, including corporations, and again, if they break these laws, they should suffer the penalties according to the law.

Corporations should not be treated any differently, under the law, than the average Canadians just because they are job creators. In actual fact, small- and medium businesses create more employment.

I challenge the federal parliament to drop the partisanship and redress this unequal legal treatment that corporations enjoy. This special treatment must end and it can end in this session of parliament.

John Gaul