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Letter: Ford using typical Conservative tactics

Hurting the poor and cutting welfare typical of PC government says letter writer
Doug Ford
Ontario premier Doug Ford

As predicted the bully is at it early. Ford (Trump twin) is imposing his will with no consultation or regards to the consequences. His self-promoting videos and photos are an insult to all of us.

Hurting the poor by reducing aid and cutting welfare is typical of Conservative government.

Nothing of substance can be expected from a minister named "Mulroney." She has no regard for the planet and the carbon emissions. Rather than sue the federal government, why does she not come up with a viable alternative? 

Blaming others is a typical ploy of this Ford government. Ms. Mulroney says that she stands for the people of Ontario. If she cared at all, her efforts should help lower the carbon so that young Ontarians would have a future.

Like U.S. President Donald Trump they are blaming the former government, where are their ideas and alternatives?

Paul Sauvé