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Letter: Kudos to the 'followers' bringing about change for the environment's sake

There is power in numbers, and that's needed for a safer, healthier future
Sophia Mathur, 12, spends one Friday a month protesting climate change. (Supplied)

Editor's note: The following letter is in response to the article “No longer alone in the snow”, published Nov. 29 on

This is a very uplifting article. 

I am reminded of the importance of followers in the always too long and messy road to meaningful and effective policies in any democracy. 

Let me focus on our local situation for a moment. 

Consider where would one person asking the City of Sudbury to declare a climate emergency be if it were not be for the hundreds of citizens signing a petition mirroring this ask with an additional request for municipal government action? 

And where would that solidly supported petition be were it not for some city councillors willing to champion it by bringing it to council for unanimous approval? 

And where would that be if council were not willing to support city staff’s draft Community Energy and Emissions Plan for public consultation? And so on.

I am most grateful for the many people who came together as a community to partake in Fridays for Future Sudbury’s one-year celebration. I saw card-carrying Conservatives, known Greens, NDP and Liberal supporters, plus many voters of unknown stripes. All signed the postcard committing to following the science. 

These followers are the necessary energy needed to get governments at all levels to pull together to translate scientific findings into policies that will secure youth’s future. We need our leaders, for sure, but it is followers that turn dreams into reality. 

I trust Sudbury citizens and government officials will continue to show up for Fridays for Future monthly strikes knowing their ongoing engagement helps assure a safer, healthier future for all generations.

Carole Lavallee