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Letter: Mayor stepped up to the plate, local MPPs ‘barking up the wrong tree’

Letter-writer thanks Mayor Brian Bigger for ‘reflections’ on the pandemic, while criticizing area’s NDP MPPs for response to Amberwood outbreak
Mayor Brian Bigger. (File)

Thank you, Mayor Bigger, for your reflection on Sudbury’s COVID-19 cases. 

Mayor Bigger stepped up to the plate, a little late in the game, but nonetheless, he provided the city with an accurate reflection of our city’s climbing case counts and where the trouble all began; with travel and a desire to gather during the holidays. 

While most of us sat at home a little despondent that we could not be together, others threw caution to the wind and the outcome is both heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time. I am encouraged that our mayor’s office is actually addressing our concerns about the pandemic and placing pressure on the Ford government to acquire the much-needed vaccines that will suppress the outbreak and hopefully resolve our positivity rates. 

These efforts are noteworthy and viewed as positive steps in our fight with COVID-19. A nice change from the negativity coming out of the NDP offices where the two MPPs have inaccurately led us to believe that there was some neglect on the part of Amberwood Suites staff and management and they now require “babysitting” despite the daily involvement from the Public Health Sudbury & Districts and all the community partners assisting in this devastating outbreak. 

The public should be aware that infection control measures were instituted back in March when the pandemic began and seemed so far from our doors. Outbreak PPE was purchased well in advance and issued immediately following the declaration of the outbreak. 

Their efforts and the efforts of all involved in the outbreak are to be commended. With all due respect, MPP France Gélinas, you are barking up the wrong tree in this case. 

Nicole Guido 

Retired RN

Greater Sudbury