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Letter: Northern Ontario Party gaining momentum

Many positions yet to be filled, lots of work still to do
There's been a number of changes to the Northern Ontario Party executive (Supplied).

We would like to inform everyone that the Northern Ontario Party has been growing, and “making Northern Ontario stronger than ever.”

We have felt the increased demand, to expand and fill our board positions. Keep in mind, we are making appointments that we feel will continue to ensure that the members, board, and our Northern Ontario focus, are not compromised by these decisions. 

With that being said, the board members have been doing an amazing and an unpaid, tireless, effort to establish the party’s foundation and to ensure the longevity of the NOP for decades to come. The board appointments will stand until we have a big and strong enough membership base to hold an Annual General Meeting. 

We still have many positions to fill and a lot of work left to be done, including our search for true Northern Ontario candidates and members who support our Northern Ontario drive and passion.

We would like to announce Myles Clayton will our party media and social media chair. Myles’s new media contact email is

We would also like to welcome Tim Glassford to the position of interim party member and volunteer co-ordinator. 

Tim has an amazing drive and passion for the future of Northern Ontario, and he will now take on the drive to grow membership and rallies for the party. 

He will work with and oversee riding association’s member and volunteer drives and rallies, as well, to ensure co-ordination and cohesion of all.

Trevor Holliday
Northern Ontario Party Leader