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Letter: Numbers around parking at KED just don’t add up, says reader

Many more questions need to be answered, says Thomas Price

Every time I see articles regarding the KED, and the comments that follow it, I am left wondering where the commenters get their information regarding parking at the KED.

The information I have seen, and I must admit that the information changes every time someone questions it, but that information indicates 1,300 parking spaces. Assuming those spaces are dedicated to the arena/event centre and not for use by casino or hotel patrons, this seems to be a new parking bottleneck, not unlike the downtown one. Even assuming that three attendees travel in each vehicle, that is only 3,900 for a capacity of 5,800 seats or 5,900 including staff.

Where will the other 2,000 find parking or how will they get there?

Will they be shuttled from the downtown transit terminal, or will Greater Sudbury go through yet another transit remake to include the KED as the new transit terminal for the city? What will be the cost of changes to the transit system to facilitate the KED as the new terminal?

Simply changing the name from GOVA to GOVA Grande will not accommodate 2,000 riders getting to the game on time, or is transit already planning on buying articulated buses? If so, at what cost?

If the plan is to continue to use the existing transit terminal, then one has to consider how many transit buses would be needed to shuttle 2,000 riders from downtown to The Kingsway site.  Reasonable assumptions and known bus capacities would indicate that roughly two hours of shuttle service would be needed before and after each game. Added to that timing would be the time required to reach the downtown terminal in order to access the shuttles.

If there is anyone out there or an investigative reporter who knows how this can all happen, please send in the information so that the public can share in the knowledge.

Thank you, and I am truly looking forward to the math for this one.

Thomas Price, Whitefish