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Letter: Paying for shopping carts is the last straw

Walmart has lost a loyal customer over change
Janet Murphy said she's annoyed it now costs $1 to unlock shopping carts at the New Sudbury Walmart. File photo.

Thanks a lot, Walmart.

I could not believe my eyes! What on earth is this? I said, right out loud.

Yesterday, I went to your store, and was really amazed to see rows of buggies all chained together, and people of all ages fishing around in their pockets and purses for coins to unlock them.

Seems to me you folks tried this once before without too much success?

I have been shopping at Walmart in New Sudbury for close to 50 years, and Woolco before that. Sorry to say, unless things change, this will probably be the last time. When I voiced my opinion to one of your cashiers, I was told that you can get change at the customer service desk. Now, be honest, how convenient is that? I had a fairly large order planned, but when I saw all those carts, I left the store right then and there without purchasing anything on my list.

When I asked about the reasoning behind this nonsense, I was told your carts have a habit of disappearing, and manage to end up scattered all over the shopping centre parking lot. Well, so what? Isn't that too bad? To my way of thinking, this is part of running a business. I can think of several people who would like to have a little part-time or after-school job, yes even gathering up carts in the snow.

Maybe you folks are too busy worrying about your "bottom line," and not giving too much thought about the convenience of your customers ?

Sorry Walmart, I have shopped there for the last time. There are plenty of other stores in New Sudbury, ones that cater to the convenience of their customers, hopefully making them feel welcome and happy to be there to shop, and not upsetting them two minutes after walking into their store.

Let's hear it folks, am I the only one upset about this?

Janet Murphy