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Letter: People should be conscious of the potential implications of the sale of Laurentian land

Any development would result in a huge traffic increase on the existing roads

The Sudbury Official Plan has a section on how to rezone Institutional Lands. Any rezoning of the Laurentian University Green Lands would greatly go against the indications, mission, values of the Official Plan. 

The OP also promotes "Healthy Living.” Having "urban" green trails is an invaluable asset for the health of its citizens.

We as citizens would have good indications to oppose any zoning changes and even further, to appeal any allowances. Our neighborhood did this so as to protect Bennett Lake.

Any development would require road access. The fact that the Laurentian Parkway, which council had previously voted to remove so as to protect the LU Green space, is still on the books raises grave concerns. Its removal would be reassuring.

People who depend on Loach's Road and Ramsey Lake Road should become conscious of the huge traffic increase that any development (and potentially huge ones) would bring to those roads. 

I know that Loach's is poorly built and cannot handle any further increases without bringing danger to families who drive and children who bike to the schools. 

For example, during school bus hours, the traffic is backed up. And this does not even mention all of the prolonged truck traffic related to construction. People would benefit from speaking out now. 

Raymond Jacques