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Letter: People’s vaccination records should be easier to access

Link the record to provincial health cards and make the record available online and at Service Ontario offices

I am hoping that the provincial governments in Canada will require a health card be presented in order to get vaccinated. This will not only help make sure that everyone gets their second shot but also should provide a record of immunization. 

This information will likely be needed for travelers. It is likely that many countries will require that visitors be immunized against COVID-19 before they can enter the country. Canada should make this mandatory in order to protect our citizens and inform other countries, in the near future. It is very possible that cruise lines and probably some airlines will require proof of immunization.

Proof of immunization should be made available online or at any Service Ontario location.

By recording all people who get immunized, we can determine the effectiveness of the vaccine and how long it lasts. It will be helpful in analyzing what happens in the next year. It will also be helpful in determining at what levels of vaccination, herd immunity can be achieved. Finally it will let us know what percentages of people who refuse the vaccine become infected in the final wave.

Neil Coyne, Greater Sudbury