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Letter: Playing 'pothole roulette' is a dangerous idea

It's as unavoidable as the pothole, though, says reader

Forget about cellphones and the double double. There is a more sinister form of distracted driver on our roads in Sudbury; drivers playing pothole roulette. 

I have been nearly hit twice this spring by a car driving beside me that makes a sudden manoeuver to avoid craters in the road. 

Parts of the Kingsway, Barrydowne Road, Paris, Regent and Attlee, to name a few, have become difficult to drive safely without fear of a large tire repair bill. 

I get that side streets will not get repaired, but I’m talking major roads. When is the city going to start to repair roads properly? Our taxes go up routinely every year, but I have not see any significant progress in road repair in my 25 years living here. 

Every spring, Sudbury roads are significantly worse than the previous year. You can only patch a leaking boat so long; eventually it will sink.

Al Thompson