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Letter: Premier’s COVID update a slap in the face, says reader

We cannot wait until September for a commission to study the problem

Tuesday’s release of a report from the military who are helping front-line workers in the hardest-hit Long Term Care (LTC) homes was devastating. 

The government’s response, however, was a slap in the face to personal support workers (PSW), family councils at long-term care homes and family members. How dare they say that they were not aware of the depth of the problems.

The SARS Commission report of 2003 outlined in detail what and how things should be done to protect health-care workers and patients during another outbreak of a Coronavirus; the report was ignored.

Reports during the H1N1, and Ebola outbreaks, as well as the Wettlaufer inquiry, were ignored. 

Reports and letters of concern about an acute and chronic shortage of PSWs in LTC homes by various organizations who represent front-line workers and families of residents – all ignored.

It is true that this government is not responsible for the inaction of previous parties in power, but that doesn’t let them off the hook for ignoring all the warning signs during the last two years.

Maybe the people who say that all politicians are the same are right. It appears that politicians are only interested in advancing their own political ideology and getting elected again; not solving real issues.

The Long Term Care Act must be updated to address and strengthen the standard conditions of direct care of residents. It must clearly state how the basic needs and care of residents will be met. 

We do not need more conditions placed on workers, but rather, concrete conditions of care for residents. The government also must actively help in recruiting and training more PSWs who are desperately needed right across the province. 

Health care is everyone’s responsibility and we should all speak up when it is failing our needs. We cannot wait until September for a commission to study the problem. We need action now.

Terry Martyn, Sudbury