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Letter: Proportional representation a recipe for unstable government

Re: Nickel Belt MP Claude Gravelle’s column “ MP supports voting reform ,” which appeared in Northern Life July 17.

Re: Nickel Belt MP Claude Gravelle’s column “MP supports voting reform,” which appeared in Northern Life July 17.

(Nickel Belt MP) Claude Gravelle proclaims with great enthusiasm, passion and excitement that he has signed the politician’s pledge with Fair Vote Canada.

He declares that Canadians need assemblies that represent the political and social diversity of Canada.

He also states he will support reforms to add a suitable element of proportional representation to the election of representatives to our legislative assemblies.

He doesn’t mention that in Canada we have 17 registered federal parties. He fails to mention that under the element of proportional representation, every one of these parties could have a seat in the House of Commons.

Parties such as the Animal Alliance, Communist, Marijuana, Marxist-Leninist, Pirate and Rhinoceros parties could all be given seats in our federal Parliament.

Under proportional representation, we would always have a minority government falling on a regular basis.

What he does not mention is that some European countries, like Italy, have at least 15 parties and have had more than 60 governments since the country formed a democratic republic following the Second World War. 

I am positive Canadians would abhor having to go to the polls at least once a year.

Tony Sottile