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Letter: Put people first, says reader

City hall spending millions on new entertainment facilities while homeless shelters take a backseat, reader says

Lately, the media has been reporting on city hall's achievements. 

We have the Maley extension at $10 million and the arts cenre at $30 million. Both are one schedule and on budget.

Good for the community, right? 

Also in the media is the closing of the Salvation Army, a snag in the opening of the emergency overnight shelter on Kathleen, and the need for an extra $2 million by CMHA for the renovation of the old police station.

They state that services have to be downgraded because the first $4.2 million and a building were not enough. 

Good for the economy? 

The news has brought to life the many Sudbury “crises.”

City hall now has concerns with a $7.2-million shortfall in the budget. If the officials took a serious look at the costs of homelessness, the opioid epidemic, an overcrowded hospital, a rise in STIs and crime, police, ambulance and court time, etc., money could be found to make a better Sudbury for all.

The Salvation Army has been taken private, and now there is a fee for those in need.

Where was local government? 

It will be interesting to see how city hall “paints over” these mistakes.

Could work for the hospital, but these mistakes are growing at a pace where catchup will soon be impossible. 

Winter is coming and people in Canada should not be outside. Animal in distress? Animal control should be there in maybe an hour.

D. Maisonneuve