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Letter: Put the KED and Junction on hold until our roads are fixed

People come to Sudbury for the attractions, but our roads are the first thing they notice
pothole repair barry adams an david pledge turl 2016

The Auditor General’s report on the condition of our Sudbury roadways is an indictment of our municipality's misplaced priorities.

Our city's image has deteriorated along with our potholed streets.

Admittedly, we have many attractions and amenities, but the first thing visitors notice is the bone-rattling vehicle-destroying thoroughfares. 

AG Foster has recommended more needs to be spent to restore our roads infrastructure. This is a definite need, and pricey wants such as the KED and Junction need to be put on hold until we fix what we already have. Furthermore, development money for these projects plus the hotel tax earmarked for tourist promotion and the “Big Projects” needs to be redirected until our roadways are in driveable condition and create a favorable impression for those coming to our city for whatever purpose.

It is the first rule of marketing that you have a worthy product before you promote. An image of smooth pothole-free streets should be our first and most important priority. Let’s make it happen.

John Lindsay
Friendly to Seniors