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Letter: Reader appreciates ‘going against the grain’ idea for arena reno

A proposal to renovate Sudbury Arena rather than building a new facility gets thumbs up

Editor’s note: This letter refers to an interview that aired Sept. 1 on CBC Sudbury’s program Morning North with Ward 1 Coun. Mark Signoretti.

I heard your interview on CBC this morning regarding 3rdline studios proposed Project Now (downtown arena).

Thank you for supporting this initiative and for "going against the grain" on council.

You are correct that the entire world, including sports, has changed due to the pandemic. 

No one knows if or when Sudbury Wolves hockey will return to previous capacity or indeed popularity.

The City of Greater Sudbury has incurred significant expense due to COVID-19 on top of many other demands on municipal budgets.

It would be irresponsible of city council not to fully and fairly investigate the feasibility of Project Now in light of current realities.

Sudbury taxpayer's ability to withstand further tax increases is already reaching the limit. 

Any opportunity to reduce municipal spending should be evaluated in light of current circumstances and competing needs.

In economic terms, money is a scarce resource that needs to be appropriated wisely.

Council has recommended a new sports arena on The Kingsway at a rough cost of $100 million, but everyone knows that construction budgets of this nature regularly exceed estimates by as much as 50 per cent.

The Project Now proposal is timely in light of current circumstances and needs to be given the serious consideration that it deserves.

If the possibility of substantial savings exists, by acting on the Project Now proposal, it is incumbent upon Sudbury council to fully explore the feasibility of this option.

Others may argue that the KED decision is cast in stone but that is a hollow argument that would only serve to underscore the intransigence of our council.

The council was elected to represent the citizens and to make informed and intelligent decisions on our behalf.

The responsible and correct course of action in this case is to undertake a serious review of Project Now.

Again, I commend you for taking the initiative to bring this important option to the attention of the council and to the citizens of our community.

Jim Curry, Sudbury