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Letter: Resident applauds youth for taking stand against climate change

Climate change the biggest issue facing humanity, he says
Sudbury students Arik, Sophia and Amber cut class in December to raise concerns about Climate Change. (File)

I want to take this time to thank the students who are striking to gain awareness and support global climate change.

I am a baby boomer, and I loved nature and the outdoors as a child living in rural Cayuga, Ont.,

Our children today will never be able to experience the beauty of nature, as my generation did.

I have lost count on how many species are in peril, or on the endangered list now.
Our children and grandchildren deserve more than just empty promises from our current governments, who are only looking at getting re-elected in four years. 

Please do not do this for me, but for my children and grandchildren.

I encourage all of our younger generation to stand up, strike, do what you have to regarding global climate change, which is by far the biggest issue facing humanity today.
Craig Vogan