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Letter: Resident thankful for her 'angelic gentleman'

Forgotten purse returned to grocery store by stranger

I need to thank someone but i do not know what his name is. I will call him my angelic gentleman

After returning home from Food Basics on Notre Dame with groceries, I could not find my purse.

What a feeling that is.

Right away and thinking the worst, I went back to Food Basics. I went straight to customer service and after describing my purse, she retrieved it from the store's safe.

As I am walking out, one of the cashiers called out to me. She informed me that a gentleman was getting his shopping cart out in the shelter outside and saw a purse left in the cart. He brought it in and handed to her. 

As I crossed my fingers, I asked her if by any chance if she knew him or maybe his name. She didn't. I thanked her very much and we both realized how very lucky I had been.

Well, I am going to call him my angelic gentleman and hope he reads this letter of gratitude. One thing for sure, he will realize this has been written to him. 
I will never forget you.

Lize Paquin