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Letter: So many Sudbury Housing units remain empty

Reader frustrated as taxpayers burdened with the costs

It is frustrating to see how poorly the Greater Sudbury Housing Corp. looks after their (our) rental properties.

I understand they have hundreds of such rental properties in their care within the region.

I walk by three of these vacant homes every morning on my walk. Most have been sitting there vacant/empty for many months. It’s so poor, so expensive to the taxpayer.

I am certain they can offer all kinds of excuses why these remain empty as such.

I think I know the reason — government bureaucracy at its best. So poor.

We’ve owned numerous rentals all of our lives, and I cannot recall once in 30 years where we had an empty unit for more than a week. We worked and made certain of that. 

Some of these have been empty for the better part of a year. It’s such a tax burden on the taxpayer.

I trust that other various city departments operate more frugally than this. Our taxes are high enough as it is.

Gilles Brunet